Enjoy our space

Choose  Relax Work Love Have fun and Don’t rush

Co-working space

Do you need an office for one day?
No problem! For our guests, we have a work desk, laptop, copier, and printer.
Make an espresso and invite clients to your new office in the center of Olomouc.
If you plan a larger meeting, call us and we will reserve a place for you.

A different kind of meeting

Rent our unique space and arrange a creative meeting or workshop for your team.
We have everything you need in Nezvalova Archa. And if not, we will be happy to arrange it for you.
Call us and we will make it possible.

Work and rest

Enjoy fully all our spaces.
If you do not have to work, go to our living room, where you can relax in a chair, read a book from our library, listen to music, or simply watch a movie.

Rezervuj online Rezervuj online

Nezvalova Archa is a self-service smarthotel with a story.
Nezvalova Archa is a ship you can sail for one day, a month or a year.
Nezvalova Archa is a place where a businessman can meet a foreign student.