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The city of Olomouc is our heartbeat. The historic centre of Olomouc offers magnificent city squares along with charming hidden places and remarkable historic buildings. You must certainly not miss the Holy Trinity Column which is on the UNESCO list.

If you stay for a while in the Upper Square in the vicinity of the Holy Trinity Column, you will also find the City Hall with the unique mosaic astronomical clock.

Throughout further wandering around the city, you will surely meet numerous fountains and columns, which are also worth exploring and photographing. The city centre is then lined with houses, palaces, churches and temples, dominated by the Saint Wenceslas Cathedral.

Most of the monuments in Olomouc are open for tourists so you can explore them from the inside.

Around Olomouc

Coming to Olomouc to see nature and do sports?

You can check the hills around the city perfect for mountain biking or trekking or explore the mysterious protected landscape Litovelské Pomoraví on foot, bike or a boat.

In the summer and winter, a Water World full of slides and water slides is open to you, or you can perform experiments on your own skin in the Fortress of Knowledge.

When the weather is good, Olomouc Zoo and the Holly Hill is a nice trip for couples and families with children. You know, the Zoo never fails.

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